Hey y’all, I’m doing my first ever ASK ME ANYTHING over at Reddit Fantasy today!

Have a question about me or my books? Wanna trade Game of Thrones theories? Discuss book recommendations? Debate the relative merits of burrata vs. ricotta? I am down for whatever. Stop by a drop a line!

I’ll be on and off throughout the day, so you can leave questions at any time, but I’ll be hanging out from 7 pm EDT for some real-time chat.

And if you’re inclined to share this grand news on FB and Twitter, I’d be oh-so-grateful!

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    • EL Tettensor

      No news for the moment, alas. I’m keen to get back to Lenoir, but I have a few other projects on my plate in the meantime. Stay tuned, though — I think Lenoir fans will really like what I have on deck!


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