Technology Fail #2

For a while now, not sure how long, there’s been a problem with the site whereby it’s been impossible to post comments. I had a suspicion something was wrong, but it was confirmed earlier this week by friend of the site ediFanoB. Turns out this is a result of a highly over-zealous spam filter.

The issue should be resolved now, so for anyone who attempted to leave a comment but was unable — please feel free to do so!

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  1. Erika

    Hooray! I had a feeling this might have been a site issue, but my computer kept telling me I needed to update some Java issues – which I had JUST had issue with on another site so I legitimately thought it was me all this time. BUT I’m glad this is working again! Just in time, too, as I’m sure talk about Master of Plagues will be heating up for sure 🙂

    • EL Tettensor

      Yeah, I had the same problem when I tested it out at work, but we have a really strong firewall and I thought that was responsible. Oh well — at least it’s resolved now!


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